The Purity, the Honesty . . .

Indian filmmaker decides to reinvent himself as a guru in America. It looks as though unexpected hilarity results.

The only question is, does pretending to be a guru actually transform him into some sort of guru? “I fake so much, I forget who I was before.”

Not available on Netflix yet, but I have it on my wish list.

One thought on “The Purity, the Honesty . . .

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for posting about this–I shall have to seek it out as well!

    It reminds me of another film, but a fictional one, called The Guru that was out around 9 years ago (though it had limited U.S. releases, but should be easily available via Netflix and the like…not to be confused with the awful Mike Myers film The Love Guru, though the subject matter overlaps a bit). It also involves an Indian immigrant to the U.S. becoming a fake guru, though under much different and rather unexpected circumstances, and of course hijinks ensue. 😉

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