Survey on Pagan Prayer

Evidently it’s the season for surveys. This one comes from researchers at the University of Warwick.  I recognize one of the names, a sociologist of religion who has published in The Pomegranate.

If I take it, I will say that I do not engage in petitionary prayer very often, preferring to think in terms of invocation, of invitation, or of attuning one’s self to the deity’s “frequency,” so to speak.

7 thoughts on “Survey on Pagan Prayer

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  2. Cinaed

    When I was a Christian pastor, I never heard, nor made, a prayer that didn’t involve a petition somewhere along the line. “We thank you Lord, and love you… now would you please…” Now, it is so much more refreshing to evoke deity simply for the pleasure of company, or simple gratitude.

  3. Medeine Ragana

    Prayer is like a light bulb – it contains all the frequencies, which are scattered over the whole spectrum. Spells/invocations, etc. are like a laser: it takes the energy and puts it into a coherent beam which is then sent out to wherever it needs to go.

  4. I enjoy prayer rather often, but prayer seems to be missing from many modern pagan’s practice. I’d like to see if the survey results bear out my impressions…can’t wait to see the results.

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