Those Wacky Muslims

We keel you! (Part 241).

French magazine fights back after firebombing. Cartooni-jihadis also swarmed its Facebook page, leading the group Reporters Without Borders to call on Facebook to “renounce censorship” and let the editors access their own page.

I give them credit for guts: They plan to republish the “guest-edited by Muhammend” edition.

• Arab spring? Let the killing begin! Coptic Christian high school student murdered  by his own teacher (with help). Does teacher-education in Egypt include a course on strangling and bludgeoning, or is that learned in continuing-education classes? This sheikh perhaps inspired him.

I expect that we are going to see a whole lot of Coptic Christians in North America very soon, the ones who survive.

• Toy guns made in China are part of an anti-Islamic plot.

Refresher: Aisha  was the prophet’s 9-year-old wife. And he consummated the marriage right away. But, hey, it’s a different culture, and who are we to judge?

An Islamist group whose name means “Western education is forbidden” kills 63 people in Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “Those Wacky Muslims

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  2. Rombald

    The “who are we to judge?” is an interesting point.

    Personally, I can’t make up my mind whether, in some sort of Platonist manner, there is a single moral code that merely has to be perceived, but different cultures blur it in different ways, or whether morality really is culture-bound.

    However, what annoys me most is selective application of the no-judgment principle. A lot of liberals apply this to paedophile Muslims, to Aztecs, cannibals, etc., but not to anyone “Western” – Atlantic slave-traders, imperialists, etc.

      1. Rombald

        No world religion, but weren’t Washington and Jefferson slave-owners?

        Anyway, my point was more to agree than to disagree with you. If having sex was a 9-year-old in 8th-century Arabia is defensible because of the different cultures, etc., then surely so is shipping slaves across the ocean to 17th-century Jamaica? If, on the other hand, the slave-traders are to be condemned, then so is Mohammed.

  3. Pitch313

    Should we/they/whoever it is declare war on MAD Magazine, too?

    It feels like we human beings in our growing numbers just cannot contend with the psychological, social, cultural, technological, spiritual, and mysterious complexities that we bring about. We cannot stand who and what we are and may become.

    So we strike against all the differences inherent in our numerous and legion complication, yearning for simplicities that simply cannot be. All of us add up to difference, even when we can realize that we are one, And certainly whenever we cannot.

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