4 thoughts on “Samhain Is Still Three Days Away

    1. When the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio, midpoint between the solstices. That is you like your solar quarters to be of the same length.

      I cannot say exactly who came up with it. It was just something that I picked up over the years–that that was the day/night of power.

  1. Rombald

    I always think that the English Bonfire Night (5 November) is closer to the ancient festival, in both date and nature, than Halloween.

    1. Indeed. And my wife and I will be dressing warmly and going to the neighbors’ tonight for that. I am told that “the Guy” to be burnt will be a certain local landowner, and if that happens, it will be worth blogging about.

      With Halloween, Día de los muertos, Bonfire night, etc., one can really speak of the “Samhain season,” or whatever you want to call it. Week of the Dead?

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