The 50 Best Professor Blogs

I found this on University Diaries, which rightly heads the list.

Here is a sample:

  • The Cranky Professor: This history professor enjoys using the past to get a rise out of his pupils. That rise takes place more in their aptitude than in their angst.
  • The Faculty Lounge: When nearly a dozen bright minds collaborate in lively blog writing, the results are always worth the read. The blog focuses on the place of law in current culture.
  • The Irascible Professor: The smiling photo that opens the Irascible Professor’s page shows him as anything but. All smiles are aside, though, when he focuses on the serious issue of American education.
  • The Right Wing Professor: There’s nothing wrong in taking a look at a brand new point of view, realized fully. For those unfamiliar with the right, this is an excellent primer.
  • theblogprof: This professor has a special appreciation for religion’s place in scholarship. Learn more on how spirituality and academics aren’t so dissimilar.
  • Todd Kashdan: A quirky professor brings a bit of needed quirk to his readers’ understanding of world workings here. Posts about serial killers eating lobster have won many fans.