4 thoughts on “A Hit, a very Palpable Hit

  1. I have been enjoying your blog since I recently discovered the blogosphere. Thank you for sharing that link, it gave me a chuckle & a bit more confidence in my prose. While I am making the effort to comment, I would like to thank you for “Her Hidden Children.” After completing Hutton’s book I had hoped someone would do something to set the American record straight. Your work was honest, engaging & gracefully written. 🙂

    If you are curious, other percentage scores render the following results:

    The waters of the Avon almost lap at your feet.

    Is this the Bard I see before me?

  2. heh… I submitted my last long blog post, it rated 86% Shakespearean (“Is this the Bard I see before me?”). Fun little app – thanks!

  3. Wow, the website I wrote promoting the vintage erotica tarot is 87% The Bard. Are you sure that site is for real? Or just an ego booster? But then, I’ve always been able to trust you Chas.

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