Green Halloween?

First of all, I took this photo on August 26th. Is this what the new Pagan future will look like? Everyone complaining that it is not even the equinox, but the stores are full of Halloween merchandise?

This building used to be a Toys “R” Us store in Pueblo, Colo., until that chain suddenly contracted. It has been empty ever since, except that the Spirit Halloween party company rents it some years for the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Months ago it got the “Green Store” sign, supposedly for a thrift store, but that business still has not opened. (There were management problems, for one thing.)

But plastic skulls and sexy-witch costumes still sell well, at least for two months of the year!

In other news, my absence from blogging was due to a trip to Yellowstone, M.’s and my first real vacation of more than a long-weekend’s length since last November.  I am posting about our trip at Southern Rockies Nature Blog.

4 thoughts on “Green Halloween?

  1. A trip to the Borders bookstore next to the Whole Foods used to be my reward for the tedium of grocery shopping. Their building has been empty for the last five months or so. Guess who just rented space there >wg<. I guess I don't have any real problem with a Halloween-themed store as a concept — it will probably create some local jobs, albeit temporary ones, which the area needs — but it's just not what the season's about for me. Sigh.

  2. Lynn

    The local the grocery store put out Halloween stuff/candy in July (as soon as the 4th stuff was off the shelves). What ever happened to Thanksgiving? Guess they can’t make enough money off of that one, so out it goes.

  3. Halloween does come before (American) Thanksgiving, so the sequence is not off, unless you are writing about Canadian stores.

    But Thanksgiving does not require special costuming, at least not yet.

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