Aiiee, the Dominionist Burning Times Are Upon Us!

Kenaz Filan brings a little perspective: “In my experience to date (well over 20 years of same), every Pagan fraudster and exploitation-artist I have encountered has used ‘Christian persecution’ as a shield.”

And there is this:

“The prose is execrable: if the English language were Ed Hubbard’s dog, he’d be sharing a prison cell with Michael Vick.”

The snark is strong with this one. Read it all.

1 thought on “Aiiee, the Dominionist Burning Times Are Upon Us!

  1. I hate to be bringing of bad news, bud fringe groups attract fringe personalities. This is a fact, Jack. It can be fringe religion, fringe politics, or fringe anything. As the Great High Priest of Outer Rock and Roll, Lou Reed, once said:

    “You know, some people got no choice
    And they can never even find a voice
    To talk with that they can even call their own
    So the first thing that they see
    That allows them the right to be
    Why, they follow it
    You know, it’s called bad luck”

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