4 thoughts on “On Not Crying for Borders Bookstores

  1. I responded to Rune Soup’s silly comments about how I should run my business in detail in a comment at the end of his article but candidly, he doesn’t have the vaguest idea how this business works.

  2. @Anne then it’s probably a good thing the rant was about mid-list bookstores and not a magazine business class? 🙂

  3. Pitch313

    Back when, I knew a bookseller who worked for a little chain of stores. He figured that he had a good job with a business that he liked. That little chain was one of Border’s first acquisitions. My friend, disliking and distrusting Borders, found a different job with GM. Borders was not the savior of independent local and regional bookstores.

    It’s unclear to me what the practical difference is between a Pagan with lots of Pagan and magic books and one who has lots of Pagan and magic e-files. E-reader rituals feel kinda futuristic…in a Buck Rogers retro sorta way!

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