3 thoughts on “Who You Calling ‘Digressive’?

  1. It could be that plenty of English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, and even Breton musicians of the folk revival period were quite interested in occulture (magic, Wicca), if not actively involved. But that stuff might seem “digressive” if you were interested only in the specifically music history or the band sort of gossip.

    My overall take–Musicians do not have to be practitioners to make magical music. But some are. And they sure do.

  2. BEST music. I saw many of them, mostly in greater Boston in the Old Days– Jansch and Renbourn in and out of Pentangle, Sandy Denny, Watersons (early– 66?), Incredible String Band three (?) times in at least two incarnations, Richard Thompson as late as the 90’s in Montana.

    The book also apparently links them to 1920’s Brit composer “Peter Warlock” (Philip Heseltine) who was unsuccessful and killed himself but made some fine music. I need to know more!

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