The Very Model of a Pagan Intellectual

Nothing about Wikipedia in it, but Brendan Myers has a little fun with Gilbert and Sullivan: “I am the Very Model of a Pagan Intellectual.”

And if that does not make you chuckle, you need to acquaint yourself with the original, from HMS Pinafore.

Of course, rhyming “Wikipedia” would be a challenge.

4 thoughts on “The Very Model of a Pagan Intellectual

  1. I have to find a set of words to rhyme with “Wikipedia”.
    I’ve searched my dictionaries and assorted online media;
    My straits are growing desperate, my needs are getting neediyah,
    To want more than these four lines? I can think of nothing greediyah.

    (For reasons that should be clear, I threw out “encyclopedia”…)

  2. Pitch313

    We see him near. We see her there.
    We Pagans see them everywhere.
    Are they in circle? Are they of that ilk?
    Those demmed, elusive Pagan filks!

    –with a tip of the beret to Baroness Orczy…

  3. Renna Shesso

    A modest offering, for two voices (to the tune of “The Streets of Laredo”:

    “I see by your jewelry that you are a Pagan.”
    “I see by your jewelry that you’re a Pagan, too.”
    “We see by our jewelry that we are both Pagans.
    If you get some jewelry you can be a Pagan, too.”

    Could substitute “djembe,” “tee-shirt,” “tattoos,” “book shelf,” or the traditional “outfit” for “jewelry.” Thanks to the Smothers Brothers for inspiration. And the Gilbert and Sullivan version is a kick.

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