Zing that Taupe Floozy

And twenty-three other words first recorded in English in 1911.

Lexi-blogger Dave Wilton has started an ongoing series of new words of the year on his blog Wordorigins.org, which I will be adding to the blogroll here.

I tried to select twenty-six words, one for each letter of the alphabet. But in some cases I’ve got more than one for a particular letter, in others none. My selection is not scientific or systematic; it is based on what I think is interesting; Sometimes they are words that appear earlier or later than I would have thought; others have a particular historical affiliation for that year or represent some historical trend; and others are just odd words. I’m avoiding back-formations and variations on existing words. Again, be warned that the coining of a word does not necessarily coincide with the invention of a concept. Often, there will be older words that express the same sense.

One thought on “Zing that Taupe Floozy

  1. Pitch313

    Now I’m curious to read that book “White Slavery”…it can’t be all bad if the author came up with “floozy” and “hophead”…

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