Gaulimaufry with Pulleys and Cables

• The force of Artemis is strong in this one.

The Renaissance Faire as spiritual experience: “These days I’m more inclined to find the spiritual in the secular, and to look for it in places you might not ordinarily expect to find it, than I am to go seeking out a prepackaged religious experience.”

• A list of the “Pagan Mom blogs” that need your votes at the Circle of Moms.

One thought on “Gaulimaufry with Pulleys and Cables

  1. Pitch313

    I think that many Renaissance Faire organizers and participants are Pagan-friendly if not outright Pagan. So it’s not surprising that some with Pagan outlooks might find the events resonant to their spiritual inclinations.

    But I don’t find that Pagan rites and rituals arrive as pre-packaged experiences, either.

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