Among the Writer’s Style Books

The AP Stylebook, the holy book of the American journalist, is making some changes, such as now specifying “email” instead of “e-mail.”

In my journalist days, I used to tell people that I had it memorized, but now I have moved on.

Since entering academic journal and book editing, I have embraced the true path of the Chicago Manual of Stylethe Torah, nay, the Urantia Book of style books.

And if there is any question that it does not answer, its editors will issue a fatwa to the seeker after truth.

I have received one, and I felt blessed.

Still, in deference to the AP and just to keep my hand in, expect to see “website” instead of “Web site” here in the future.

One thought on “Among the Writer’s Style Books

  1. Chas, too funny- thanks for the update on the changing spelling. Oh the conversations I’ve had on the proper spelling, all in a river of change…

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