Beatnik Witches

Aidan Kelly’s Hippie Commie Beatnik Witches, which has circulated in digital form for some years, can now be purchased as a book from Amazon, with new material added.

As the San Francisco counter-culture teeters on the edge of the Psychedelic Era, a group of twenty-somethings, open to spiritual experiment (and other sorts of experiments), find themselves morphing into something that they do not quite a have a word for  . . . Druids? Witches??

Built from recollections and interviews, it is a picture of people creating a new religion based on a heady mix of reading, ritual, and inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Beatnik Witches

  1. Peg

    This sounds like it will be quite useful for one of my current book projects. I thank you, Chas!

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