6 thoughts on “Wild Child, Full of Grace

  1. Ivy


    The scene where he comes out of the courtroom, looking all bewildered, and I can tell that he’s just Jim right then — just himself. And he looks so exhausted and confused and scared. And I looked at my husband and said “He is the God who arrives and departs.”

  2. lynn

    So are you saying that Jim really evoked Dionysus during his performances? That he was ridden by Dionysus the way folks are ridden by the LOA in a vodou ceremony?

    (I’m a Doors fan from way back.)

    1. lynn

      So interesting. I guess I never really thought about it in the literal sense, even though I can remember the Doors music and Jim’s words really transporting me places as a little kid — long before I became pagan — what with all the talk of ceremonies in the forest and ghost dances and breaking on through to the other side.

    1. lynn

      Thank you for the reference (I had to google it). Gnostic Christianity is one more thing I have it in my mind to delve into, philosophy-wise, someday.

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