The ‘War on Solstice’

At Huffington Post, Bron Taylor celebrates winning the “war on solstice.”

For conservatives involved in the West’s predominant religions, these are unwelcome developments. Progressives may ridicule those who claim that there is now a cultural “War on Christmas” but Christian conservatives do have reason to worry. They know that their cultural influence has been waning, and that those with evolutionary and ecological worldviews are growing in number and influence. A DVD series released by a group of conservative Christians entitled “Resisting the Green Dragon,” provides one recent example of such fears. These fears are based on an accurate perception that there is a religious dimension to much environmentalism. Those expressing such fears understand, accurately, that those engaged in nature-based spiritualities, both overtly and in subtle ways, are converting many to an evolutionary worldview and an environmentalist spirituality and ethics. They know that this is one reason they are having trouble even keeping their own children in the fold.

• Gus diZerega has a poem that “puts the Sol back in solstice,” but does not know who wrote it.

• Star Foster has “13 Songs  for Yule” with videos.