2 thoughts on “Last Seen in 1378

  1. The New Mexican this morning made a big deal about the “trifecta”: solstice, eclipse AND full moon. Solstice is all very well, but eclipse and full moon, golly-gee, what are the odds?

    I’m tempted to go try and photograph it, but the moon’s going to be so high in the sky, it’ll really be a bitch to get any landscape elements in, and eclipses are a bitch to photograph in any case. Plus, the cloud cover look iffy. I might just go somewhere close and watch the show.

  2. @Peculiar. Funny isn’t it, how many people don’t know the most basic facts about how the planet is. The idea that the moon is “full” because of its relative position with regard to us and the sun just doesn’t seem to occur to most people. It’s one of the things I like best about the resurgence of paganism in the last decades. It tends to foster knowledge about the material world.

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