Dietary Advice for Editors, Proofreaders

This kind of nutritional news is much-discussed in my house. I have been taking fish-oil capsules for several years, as well as lutein for my eyes.  Now I crave some sardines: “health food in a can,”  as someone said.

One thought on “Dietary Advice for Editors, Proofreaders

  1. I took lutein for my eyes for a while (had scotoma from a hole in the macula of one eye). It did help, but then I read a study that it was deposited in the lungs as well, and my brother died of lung cancer. I just wanted to let you know that in case you have got that particular cancer in your family. I quit taking it and ended up having to have surgery to repair the hole, which was not successful. I hope you have not got the same thing.

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