5 thoughts on “‘Satanism, after all, is a religion of peace’

  1. Well, I can’t help thinking that he doesn’t know much about Satanism. It’s really boring hearing that it’s “the worship of ultimate evil” – even as a joke, puhlease! Plus, the possessing demon in The Excorcist is the Sumerian Pazuzu… not The Devil.

  2. It was…strained. It included only one or two nuggets of good points in a long mess of stuff, one gets the feeling that the creators of the video could get thrashed by high school kid with any knowledge of the topics and a good grasp of logic, it included the fodder of old prejudices/disinformation and overused certain tactics ad nauseum. All that yielded more of a lead balloon effect than satire.

  3. It is funny, but the way he makes Satanism out to be a religion of “ultimate evil” and Christianity as “ultimate good” really annoys me. Satanists have never been proven to have done things that Christians – Christian clergy – have done: molest children, torture people, burn them at the stake. Sure, Christianity probably started out as good, and some Christians probably are nice… but hey! Mr Commedian, do some research before mouthing off about which is the worse religion! Then you can do a skit on the evils of Christianity – it will be both funny and true.

  4. Caroline is spot on.

    The video is just repackaged The Forces of Good™ vs. The Forces of Evil™ dualism with whopping helpings of the likewise problematic Apollonian (wholeness, Christian, of course, his criticism of the “Triumphalist,” mosque was just so wrong) vs. Dionysian (individualism, or “innocent drunks and perverts who can’t” in the case of Satanists) false dilemma. It’s like a cake with a critical thinking icing trying blanket rotten layers of black and white thinking, stinkin’ thinkin’, dualism, and false dilemmas underneath.

    But this is what you get when people’s information about what anything is from Hollywood movies, talk show clips, moral panics, and the like.

  5. Oh, and let’s not forget the horrible assumption that you’ve got belong to or approve of any target of the dominant religious paradigm (what a **loaded** political concept) if you criticize the dominant religious paradigm’s “criticism” or so called “satire.”

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