Cocktails for Pagans

Bohemian Spritz
Bohemian Spritz (New York Times photo)

Who says that today’s Pagans are not influencing the larger culture?

The New York Times’ Style section offers the “right drink” for every winter holiday party, including the Bohemian Spritz for “dilettante Pagans” celebrating the solstice. (If that link is problematic, try this one.)

For those slightly weary of the familiar fa-la-la, or for those who are opposed to even the slightest whisper of organized religion, a solstice party provides a refreshing diversion. While actual hard-core pagans [sic] are probably drinking something murky and ancient, a more streamlined beverage might be better for dabblers. The Bohemian Spritz (another creation of Vandaag’s Katie Stipe) is a light, fizzy wine drink with compellingly arboreal undercurrents, provided by pine and elderflower cordials. It is ideal for welcoming the long nights, for putting the Krampus back in Christmas.

One question, where do you get pine liqueur?

UPDATE: Apparently one looks for Zirbenschnapps or Un Sapin, described as “very hard to find—even in France.”

5 thoughts on “Cocktails for Pagans

  1. Pine Liqueur. Haven’t had it, but would try it.

    My circle has a slightly different tradition. On the Summer Solstice, I harvest mint and distill it in Stoli for a Moon. We keep it until the Winter Solstice, when we pour it into shot glasses made of ice, at sunrise, drink a toast, and break the glasses.

  2. Pitch313

    Pagans? Cocktails? My! Our corn-fed spirituality is certainly becoming quite the urbane sensibility!

  3. harmonyfb

    Pine cordial? Ewwww. One could substitute gin, I suppose, that’s in the neighborhood of evergreens. Personally, I prefer a nice porter or stout on Solstice eve.

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