The Pagan Studies Samhain

Our little celebration here at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, during which we Pagan scholars and friends discard our tweed jackets and switch to Samhain black, made it to The Huffington Post.  (Scroll to the bottom.) Thanks, Grove, I think.

It’s another example of how Wicca, in particular, is becoming the new Other in the religious landscape, elbowing aside the Jews, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and anyone else who fills the blank of, “But how will the _________  react?”

One thought on “The Pagan Studies Samhain

  1. Pitch313

    Considering the diversity of events hosted by or conducted in hotels, a Halloween celebration by a few Wiccans/scholars doesn’t strike me as all that unusual. Or upsetting to the hotel environment.

    No Wiccan or Neo-Pagan Samhain celebration that I know of (although I admit that some could have!) involved elements such as those descibed in the recent skyclad Charlie Sheen coked up trashing his NYC hotel room whild a similarly skyclad actress/party for pay girl cowers in the closet episode–all sorted out by stalwart memebers of NYPD. I mean, compared to stuff like this, a few of the Mighty Dead are tame native Irish pumpkins…

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