Gallimaufry for a Cool September Day

• Check out Patheos’ story package on The Future of Paganism. Solitaries? Personal paganism? What’s next?

• Musings on that “Nazi” label and whether the climate of the Pacific Northwest encourages “black metal” bands, at Bioregional Animism.

• He comes to the festival as a lapsed Lutheran. He leaves as a Pagan—an interview from the Pagan Newswire Collective’s Minnesota bureau. (I’m waiting for the Prairie Home Companion parody of their piece.)

• Did a witch’s spell burn down the pub?

2 thoughts on “Gallimaufry for a Cool September Day

  1. Matt Gerlach

    It’s so great that PNC caught a once in a lifetime moment like that. I’m so tired of the million video testimonies of “ex-Wiccan who have been saved by Jesus out of the satanistic Occultism.” It’s nice to see the flip-side with our community recording the thoughts and feelings of someone newly entering the Pagan community like this.

  2. Pitch313

    If the Magazine Hotel has been in operation for 250 years, then it’s possible that one of my great-grandfathers (who emigrated from Ireland to Wallasey) downed some pints there. Go figure small world…

    I’m missing it on the curse thingy, though. Were the cloth figures made by a witch and placed in the pub with a spell? Magical dolls???

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