Falling Stars

A multicolored, long Perseid crossing the sky (from Wikipedia).
A multicolored, long Perseid crossing the sky (Wikipedia).

Last night after walking the dogs I spread an old blanket on the ground and lay watching the stars.

The Perseid meteor shower is under way, and in 15 minutes I saw five meteors.

One was just a blip of light, two were quick, and two left long streaks.

I had felt emotionally low all day. Isaac Bonewits’ passing was part of the cause, but only part, I think.

We were friends at a distance, but rarely saw one another. He moved East, and I have attended only one festival there in my life, and it was not one that he came to.

The time of year is part of it. After all those years in the classroom, mid-August still seems like the end of summer.

Last week I was talking with a friend at the university library. She mentioned that university convocation, which is followed by college and department meetings, comes next week. She said that I flinched when I heard that—even though it no longer affects me, even though it no longer means the end of summer break.

Back when our ancestors chopped with stone, they no doubt watched the night sky much more than we do. And they saw falling stars, of course, and no doubt they made analogies between meteors and human lives.

Isaac’s was one of the long streaks—at least so far as we Pagans are concerned. But there is so much black between the stars.

Still, watch the sky-show if you can. It is all that there is.

2 thoughts on “Falling Stars

  1. For whatever reason, I think we all feel it. Autumn coming in. It’s been too cloudy here in the MidAtlantic to see the meteors, but the acorns are beginning to hit my roof.

  2. I’m so glad my daughter and I made the long trip to Polish Mountain to watch the meteor shower. It had been cloudy all day, but the cloudiness was related to the high humidity. By the time midnight rolled around, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We turned off all the lights in the cabin, took a bedspread out on the mountainside, and spent two and a half hours watching the meteors. I guess we probably saw about two dozen, including some with magnificent trails. Before the moon rose we could see the Milky Way. I didn’t hear about Isaac until I got home. Felt the loss even though I only met him once.

    Once the katydids start I know it’s time to go back to school. *sigh*

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