What I Do Instead of Blogging

Lammas, according to my authoritative source, fell on Saturday by the solar calendar, so M. and I were only a day early when we celebrated our own wild harvest.

Lammas (or whatever you want to call it) does not seem like a highly ritualistic holiday—certainly not one on which you would like to be indoors.

I have been glued to my desktop computer the past couple of days, pushing along with a book-layout project. After three to four hours of Adobe InDesign, however, I feel halfway brain-dead.

I am re-copy-editing the book at the same time, which adds to the workload. Then I give the chapters to M. for additional proof-reading.

In the old days of hot lead and movable type, compositors were notorious boozers. I can see why.

I was going to link to a blog post about reading one scholarly article per day to keep your mind sharp, but I can’t find it where I thought it was. Did its creator delete it? Have I forgotten where I read it (Google is not helping)? Or did I hallucinate it?