Anglican Priest Decides Pagans are ‘Connected’

Via The Wild Hunt, a story of another Anglican priest with an attraction to Druidism.

I’m actually a priest of the Church of England – but with a difference. Though I’m still in “holy orders”, I now work full time as a magician, writer and retreat leader. I’ve been described as a “priest at the edge”. My latest book, The Path of the Blue Raven, describes my own encounters with the Pagan traditions of this land and what great treasures I’ve learned from them.

He probably will not end up losing his day job, unlike his American counterpart William Melnyk.

I don’t think anyone in the Church of England cares that much. The hierarchy is probably just happy to see signs of life. Or even compulsory parish archery practice.

2 thoughts on “Anglican Priest Decides Pagans are ‘Connected’

  1. Pitch313

    All I can say is that Christians and Christianity often baffle me. A theme seems to run through it these days that declares “I believe in the deity that I don’t believe in!” Only the theme doesn’t incorporate the contradictory tensions implied by the way English grammar obliges us to say it. This believing in the deity that you don’t believe in carries a flat and ho-hum valence. To my Pagan senses, it’s all about low and unstirring energy states.

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