Imagined ‘Witches’ Affected by Ukrainian Law

Jason Pitzl-Waters recently mentioned a new moral panic in Ukraine that includes laws against psychics and divination.

Gambling and artistic depictions of nudity are also affected.

The Pagan connection to the latter? Igor Gaidai, a Ukrainian photographer whose compositions claim to invoke pre-Christian times, is the reporter’s example of who the crackdown is affecting, as noted last July.

In his photo studio and gallery in the center of the Ukrainian capital, he displays his various projects, including one called “Saman,” which hearkens back to a “pre-Christian era” when “witches” roamed the earth. In it, naked women are depicted in various poses with brooms, as if in mid-flight, and are meant to glorify “the power of feminine energy, beauty and wisdom.” His main display window also exhibits four young nude mothers, partially covered by their equally nude infants.

(Link may be NSFW, depending. Via Sexy Witch.)

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