Talking to UUs about Nature Religion

I am busy working up a talk on “nature religion” to give to a Unitarian Universalist congregation on Sunday.

Hey, it’s a change: bring in the Pagan speaker at Ostara instead of Samhain. On the other hand, they did originally try to get me at Samhain, but someone messed up the scheduling. This is better, actually.

It’s a good thing that Unitarians tend to be a bookish crowd, so I do not have to sing, dance, lead breathing exercises, etc. There are others who are so much better at all that.

I can talk, however. But I will have to repress the tendency to want to turn and write on the blackboard.

I will lean heavily on the “three kinds of nature religion” described in Her Hidden Children and of course on Catherine Albanese’s work on nature as a source of sacred value in American religion.

Looking at books makes me painfully aware how much I need to start on a new writing project before my brain atrophies.