A New Survey on Pagans’ Political Attitudes

This survey, “Pagan and Heathen Political and Sociall Metrics,”  comes recommended by several scholars whom I know. It is for respondents in the United States and Canada only.

This survey is a means of gathering information about beliefs, behaviors, and demographics from Heathens and Pagans in the United States and Canada. It will ask you questions about aspects of your religious and personal life

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, and your opinion on hot-button issues. Its results will tell us what Heathens and Pagans have in common across borders, and how different Pagans are within them. For the purposes of this survey, “Pagan” is defined as anyone who practices a form of Paganism and / or identifies as a practitioner of any form of Paganism, and “Heathen” is defined as anyone who practices a form of Heathenry or Asatru or identifies as a practitioner of any form of Heathenry or Asatru.

Warning: A lot of the questions are about race, guns,  and politics, so if you are uncomfortable with slicing and dicing that stuff, don’t go there.

2 thoughts on “A New Survey on Pagans’ Political Attitudes

  1. Pitch313

    Interesting survey. Plenty of outlook and views quetions. Took longer than i thought because it asked about a number of specific movements and alliances. Had to think about which was which.

  2. I took it. Seemed interesting.
    A question I don’t think was on there would be: “How ancient/traditional is your practice?” with gradations that would cover “the source material is ancient, but we are actively deciding how it should function in the modern world.”
    Most of the “reconstruction” or “revival” pagans I know think that it’s delusional imagining you can do an ancient religion exactly as it was done, even if you had perfect information, and that if it hadn’t been stamped out practice today would be quite different. I thought “HIP – Historically-Informed Polytheist/Pagan” was a more accurate term.
    My guess is that the people who take something like a biblical-literalness approach tend to the conservative side.

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