Mark Teppo on Magick and Fiction

I noticed this post about Mark Teppo and urban magick on Instapundit, linking to an Amazon blog item about his thoughts on the nature of magick.

Like I said, the definition [of magick] is a bit slippery, and it might be a bit much to attribute to the writing of a pulpy occult noir book the grandiose intent of creating magick, but that’s part of what inspired the Codex of Souls. Not so much making magick, but rediscovering the possibility of it. Instead of holding such strangeness at arm’s length and pretending that we’re an entirely rational species, I wanted to embrace our esoteric history. Let it all be true. Why not? It’s a matter of faith, isn’t it? One of the things that separates us from the beasts with smaller brains is the ability to believe in something that isn’t there, and you can argue that when we learned how to dream, our brains got bigger.

Sounds interesting. Have any of you read his books? What do you think? How do they stack up against, say, Charles De Lint?

One thought on “Mark Teppo on Magick and Fiction

  1. Lupa

    I've read his first book, "Lightbreaker". It's a little slow to start, but I really got into it. It has less in common with de Lint than it does Jim Butcher, but Teppo definitely has his own voice. I recommend it.

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