Gallimaufry with Chariots

• Icelandic Pagans curse the nation’s economic rivals. See what happens when you mix polytheism and international banking? (Via Pagan Newswire Collective.)

• I do like what Iceland may do for freedom of the (online) press.

• We are the Empire, and we have the chariot-racing to prove it. Video no. 2 is the better one. Go Greens. (Via LawDog.)

• American pop culture is not keen on reincarnation as a plot device?

• Once again, Wicca as “the Other” gets tangled up with current political debate

7 thoughts on “Gallimaufry with Chariots

  1. Calla

    Very interesting on the Tea Party. I've been following the movement in Minnesota. Went to a rally a year ago and and joining the Minnesota group now. So far, despite many of my friends on the Left telling me how racist, homophobic, and evil this group is – I'm just not seeing it. I would very much classify them as fiscally conservative and socially WAY libertarian.

    I'll be reporting back on my experiences with the group, and encouraging others to do so as well, over at PAGAN+politics.


  2. Chas S. Clifton

    Now I am puzzled. What in that blog post is connected to the Tea Party movement? Chariot racing?

    Are you sure that you are commenting on the right blog?

  3. Calla

    Once again, Wicca as "the Other" gets tangled up with current political debate

    The link went to a post where a Wiccan was wondering if their comment about the Tea Party didn't show up because the Tea Party rep didn't like Wicca. Then they found out it was a tech clitch and the comment showed up on the blog and the Wiccan apologized for jumping to conclusions. The conversation in the notes talked extensively about the Tea Party and the author of the blog you linked to (a Wiccan) pointed out the Tea Party and Wiccans are a very good fit.

    I'm confused now – the link was almost exclusively about the Tea Party and Wiccans. In fact the title was "Don’t Dis the Wiccans, Tea-Partiers!"

  4. Pitch313

    I'm not sure myself whether "Wiccans" are part of or other than the Tea Party movement. But some Tea Party types appear to hold concern for the environment against Wiccans.

    Maybe it's also Wiccans not being Christian?

  5. Snoozepossum

    RE: • Once again, Wicca as "the Other" gets tangled up with current political debate

    I don't think they're gonna let me join; I tried saying "mass-produced members of bused-in wiccan nihilist anarcho-Maoist lesbian eco-weenie anti-war protestors" and sprained my soft palate.


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