Sex with Icelandic Elves

I linked to a site about sex with ghosts, so why not sex with elves?

Call them “the hidden people,” call the them the Shining Ones, whatever you like. These are not garden gnomes we are talking about: “They’re not like small, ugly gnomes. They’re more like tall and beautiful.”

And they know what you want in bed. Whew!

“It would make the world a better place if more people had sex with elves.”

I remain agnostic about that, but I would still love to see Iceland.

4 thoughts on “Sex with Icelandic Elves

  1. Pitch313

    Sex with elves is probably more productive of some sorts of power, magically speaking, than sex with ghosts. But plenty of lore warns us that sex with elves may bring us detrimental consequences.

    So humans having sex with other kinds of living beings is not simply a cosmic party.

    When the Elf Queen or Elf King breaks your heart, who can fix it?

  2. Hecate

    She doesn't look as if she went away for just an evening and came back decades later. . . . And what about the old warning about consuming anything in Elfland?

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