My First Publisher ASMR Video!

I ordered a book from this small British publisher, Handheld Books. The book is Strange Relics, “an anthology of classic short stories in which the supernatural and archaeology are combined,” which will become a gift to an archaeologist friend who also reads SF and fantasy.

Comes then an email acknowledgement of my order and a link to their very own ASMR video.

They may not call it that

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, but it qualifies.

Really, the soothing voice, the rustle of tissue paper. I feel entranced already. And filled with anticipation.

7 thoughts on “My First Publisher ASMR Video!

  1. Wow. This is Handheld’s publisher here, the voice in that video, and I am amazed. I’d never heard of ASMR before, and it’s very nice to have our video classed as that. We’ve upgraded the packaging: the tissue paper is now a tougher packing paper, and we send single copies of books to North America in the familiar cardboard wrappers you will have seen elsewhere. But the process is the same, wrapped by hand with care, and lots of sticky paper tape, and 100% recyclable.

  2. Chas! You are giving a book you have already read as a gift? I’d say that’s tacky! Not to mention cheap. It’s like something I’d do! I suppose it’s OK as long as you warn the recipient “I already read this book, just to make sure you’ll like it!” But next time, buy two. The publisher will thank you, if not the author.

    As for ASMR… I wondered what those initials stood for! Was this the sensation that Dolly the dolphin raised in me, when she opened her jaws wide and gently raked her teeth along my arms and legs, barely touching me? I know it made the hair on my neck stand up with its strange eroticism, and she came up with that all by herself! If that’s AMSR, yeah, I’ve felt it… from a dolphin intent on seducing me!

      1. Well, I’m willing to give you your chance when it’s published! It’ll probably save you at least $20, and as long as you give me attribution, that’s fine. ;-D

  3. Artos

    The book sounds yummy. I also am an archaeologist into SF and fantasy, so I’ll buy the book. Thanks for the info!

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