Chaos Magic Goes Mainstream

Peter Carroll, call your office.
I was checking someone on the University of North Texas website today while working on a future Pomegranate article, clicked by chance on the student login page of its website — and this graphic appeared.

Denton, Texas, is a hotbed of chaos magicians? Or is it just the UNT website design office? Someone expects that students will (kind of, sort of) recognize that term?

3 thoughts on “Chaos Magic Goes Mainstream

  1. Pitch313

    I am puzzled. I thought everybody called on Cthulhu to help in registering for classes.

    1. Kalinysta

      At least it isn’t the 1960s where you had to stand on line in a gym for 3 or more hours to get up to the registration desk and then discover all the classes you wanted in a specific subject are full. Then you had to go stand on another line for a different subject and repeat.

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