Celebrating Spring with a Castle-Burning

Pagan writer Rhyd Wildermuth, now living in the Ardennes Forest, or as he prefers, “The Forests of Arduinna,” offers this video of a local end-of-winter celebration called Buergbrennen (castle-burning).

He sees it as an ancient Pagan celebration taken over by the Christian church. Maybe so. Or maybe some Luxembourgish Ronald Hutton will discover that it was started by a parish priest in the early nineteenth century as a folkish morale-builder for his congregation.

Doesn’t matter. Either way, it fits Clifton’s Second Law of Religion, that all true religions have torchlight processions, at least occasionally. No torches? All you have then is a social movement or a social club.

No animals or policemen were harmed in the making of this video

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring with a Castle-Burning

  1. Pitch313

    I nudge myself to view celebrations like this as more supportive of community solidarity and amity, less about reinforcing particular doctrinal religious views. (Optimism over despair?!?)

    “Burning the Castle!”–great name–brings back some of my good old political days. (Even though, as an urban wildfire survivor, I cannot now bring myself to burn anything down.)

    What is Clifton’s First Law of Religion. (Mine would likely be: Religions are not a one choice buffet/smorgasbord/charcuterie platter/pot dish table/pagan picnic)

    Torchlight processions–so mote it be Light!

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