Black Metal Music: ‘Abiding and Transcendent’

The wide world of academia  includes Buffy Studies and edited collections published by serious presses on the legal aspects of Harry Potter’s world.

So why not a quasi-academic symposium on black-metal music?

He quoted lyrics from the face-painted, early-1990s Norwegian black-metal bands Gorgoroth and Immortal; he framed black metal as respecting some of rock’s orthodoxies, as opposed to the heresies of disco and punk; and he spoke of black metal’s preoccupation with “the abiding and transcendent: stone, mountain, moon.”.

(Tip of the steel helmet to Margaret Soltan.)

1 thought on “Black Metal Music: ‘Abiding and Transcendent’

  1. Those so-called "heresies" are the only good things that have ever happened to rock music, in my opinion. And you'll forgive me if I have some angst against a genre that has associated heathenism with jotunnish fury and nihilistic rage. That's not to say it doesn't have its gems as well, but it's created a testosterone-frenzy I hardly find amusing.

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