Pop Vikings, Modern Animism, and the Raven Flag

From Danish writer and animist Rune Engelbreth Larsen

The Viking Age seems to be undergoing a kind of global renaissance in various fields, spanning from popular culture to spirituality and even some misguided political trends. Often this “viking revival” manifests itself in ahistorical and superficial ways, but not always. Here I share a few thoughts on how some lesser known aspects are also slowly gaining ground and understanding: the animist perspective.

Vikings armed with “myth, music, and merchandise”!

One thought on “Pop Vikings, Modern Animism, and the Raven Flag

  1. Kalinysta

    Thank you for posting this. I watched it on YouTube and was struck by the comment of how Christianity divorced the link between man and nature and thought to myself, we are seeing the end result of that belief system now, which is, of course, climate change.
    I was also struck by how important the raven symbol was/is, and that in many Native American cultures, the raven is also a very potent symbol. Coincidence? Probably not.

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