Dior Dresses the Fair Folk

This promotional film has me thinking of the special “Paganism, Art, and Fashion” issue of The Pomegranate, guest-edited by Caroline Tully, University of Melbourne, and coming very soon

Or at least it is the very object correlative of “Pagan-ish,” which is how I will label it.

One thought on “Dior Dresses the Fair Folk

  1. Kalinysta

    Love the music. If you go to YouTube and read the comments, almost everyone says that this presentation is much better than the “traditional” runway presentations. Also there is a reference to “Théâtre de la Mode, a fund-raising exhibition to help soldiers and to revive the Paris fashion business after the world war 2. It’s also imply to right now [sic] situation where fashion industry is suffer from COVID-19” from one of the commentators.

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