Geocaching for Weirdness – 2

Bunny in a swing.

Part 1 is here.

Using the Randonautica app near home is impossible for me, due to the lack of reliable ceullar data service, but I kept reading posts on the Facebook page and on r/randonauts at Reddit.

Then two days ago I had some free time in Pueblo while M. was at an appointment, so I set an intention — a synchronicity related to one of my projects — and requested an “attractor” point.

It sent me to a street address a couple of miles from my location — in a neighborhood near where my mother and stepfather once lived, so I had a sense of it.

There hanging from a tree out front was this cast image of a rabbit, sitting in a little swing. Since one current project is using my scout cameras to try to get more small rodent photos, I called that a “hit.”1

So what Randonautica really can be is a divination tool, like Tarot cards or the license plate of the car stopped in front of yours. Developers, users, and YouTubers toss the word “quantum” around in a way that would make a physicist cringe.((I am not a physicist either.)) They might as well say “spooky.” With Tarot, you hold an intention or a question in your mind while shuffling or cutting the cards; with Randonautica, you do it will waiting for the random-number generator to produce your destination.

One other thing: I thought people might stop saying that X has “gone viral” in these days of COVID-19, but I have seen it said about Randonautica. So many people have downloaded it and tried to use it that its server has just been overwhelmed with requests at times, leading to the apperance of failure and complaints of “I just get a white screen! It’s not working!”

But by analogy with other activities — geocaching included — most of those new users will probably satisfy their curiosity and move before too long.

  1. If I get some good ones, they will be at the other blog. Right now I have just a series of rock squirrel videos. []

2 thoughts on “Geocaching for Weirdness – 2

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  2. Nikesha

    Very interesting. I dabble with the tarot.. didn’t think of this the same but totally makes sense. I had a weird experience today after downloading radnonautica. I generated a locat but didn’t want to go since I knew the place and wanted avoid people who live there… But later, my toddler fell off a chair and cut her head so we went to the ER. She’s ok. Got some staples… But as we go to leave, I am startled to see my aunt sitting in the waiting room. Crying in a panic. I go to comfort her and ask her what’s wrong. A moth flew in her ear and was biting her and she couldn’t get it out with a qtip. Poor auntie will be ok but wtf. I saw her earlier today when she stopped by. She doesn’t do that often esp. with this covid crap… So to see her twice on the same day and at the ER at 11 pm was very strange. Is it a coincidence? Did I manifest this by watching scary tictoks about the app? Who’s to say? But now I’m partially questioning my entire set of beliefs …. Do I want to believe that everything is random or a simulation with no divine order? Or am I missing the point?
    Either way, I enjoyed your blog and I live in Southern CO so maybe we can become friends even if only via social media.

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