Goodbye to Witches’ Voice — Pagan Space Tries Again

Witchvox is now officially over, and Thorn Mooney has written a reminiscence/tribute about how it affected her earlier life

WitchVox helped me start countless book clubs, three college Pagan groups, launch two websites, and form my own coven, once I was ready. It made me feel less alone, and came with the added benefit of my parents, bosses, and school bullies not knowing it existed, which meant that it felt private and safe in a way that Facebook never will. It was an archive—a testament to the weird, wonderfulness of the community I was just getting to know, and would come to devote my life to.

I admit that I made only modest use of The Witches’ Voice, answering occasional emails from people trying to make connections in Colorado.

The new Pagan Space logo.

Meanwhile, Pagan Space  is back, with a slogan “Be You, Be Pagan!” and this pitch: “Would you consider inviting your Facebook friends to a community just for Pagans that does not censor your speech or sell your private data?” They have chat rooms, a marketplace, pages (in the Facebook sense), and so on. Not all the links are working, and some just lead to placeholder text (“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”), but some people seem to be using it.

Everyone bitches about Facebook, but can anything else do the same job?

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to Witches’ Voice — Pagan Space Tries Again

  1. Kalinysta

    This can’t be right. Google translates “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” as “Lorem ipsum carrots”. What’s the “correct” translation? Anyone know?

    1. I think it’s a passage of fake Latin used as placeholder text by typesetters and web designers both. It’s only funny when the website’s owner leaves it there.

      1. Kalinysta

        Okay. That just goes to show that I’m not a typesetter or a web designer. ::shruggs:: Personally I like the oxymoronic nature of the phrase “This page intentionally left blank” which I used to type on various legal documents when I was a legal secretary.

  2. Kalinysta

    I tried to sign up for PaganSpace and discovered that it’s $10/month to get the whole website. The “free” one is for one-time use only. Bummer. 🙁

      1. Kalinysta

        Well, if I was still making $40,000 a year, I’d have no problem paying that, but I’m retired and on Social Security, so $10 a month means I have to cut something from my food bill, or some other critical place. 🙁

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