What is Wrong with a Moon God, Anyway?

The fun-loving gang at Chick Publications have a new one, Allah had no Son, which offers evangelical Christians Chick’s comic-book take on the notion that Allah was originally an Arabic Moon god, which, I suppose, makes Islam a sort of failed polytheism. Thanks to Allah himself for the link.

You will find a bibliographic essay on the “Was Allah a Moon God?” issue here, which cites most of the dubious texts out there. (It’s a Christian apologetics site.)

The ubiquity of Chick’s little booklets once led Tim/Otter/Oberon Zell of the Church of All Worlds and Pete Davis of the Aquarian Tabernacle to create their own small series of Pagan anti-tracts, done in the same style and format. The first, The Other People, took the approach that since most Western Pagans consider themselves to be neither literal nor metaphorical “children of Abraham,” all those Middle Eastern holy books simply do not apply to us.

Chick also champions the anti-Wiccan, anti-Masonic writer Bill Schnoebelen, dealt with effectively here.