From Morgue to Magic and Metaphysics

I stopped by the new home of Isis Books on my way to INATS last June 30.

It’s the third home for the Denver area’s oldest Pagan-oriented bookstore, now about thirty years old.

Chatting with owner Karen Charboneau-Harrison, I asked her what the building at 2775 South Broadway used to be — Google Maps still shows it as a plain commercial building with columns in front — until Karen and her husband Jeff turned them into Egyptian pillars.

“A morgue,” she said. “The stained glass was already here when we moved in.”

They have remodeled the former morgue garage into a set of little offices/therapy rooms that are rented out to various counselors, massage therapists, etc., which is why the sign out front now says “Healing Oasis.”

The bookstore is in what used to be the chapel, and there is plenty of room for the mail-order operation.