Russian Witches Work Magically for Putin

I saw this video (there is a higher-resolution version at the link) on a Moscow Times story, “Russian Witches Cast Spells in Putin’s Support.”

Russian witches and seers performed on Tuesday one of their most powerful rituals, “the circle of power,” to pass on their mystical energy to President Vladimir Putin.

Dozens of people who claim to have supernatural powers stood side by side, reading spells in their effort to support the Russian head of state.

Self-proclaimed leader of the Russian witches Alyona Polyn said the main intention of the gathering is to enhance quality of life in Russia, the whole world in general and to support the president. (Read the rest.)

Who is Alyona Polyn? I asked a Pagan studies colleague in Eastern Europe who responded, quoting Polyn’s website:

“Alyona Polyn is a clairvoyant hereditary witch, author of magic books, oracles, and the world’s only complete Tarot deck.” I don’t see any place on her website where she calls herself any kind of yazychnik.  She says in one of her videos that “wedma’”(witch) is often “confused” with “Vedism”(usually meaning the Book of Veles end of Rodnoverie) and shamanism, which I think counts as distancing herself at least a little from both of those.  And there are no Slavic deities prominently mentioned on her website, and no obviously Gardner-derived materials.  Nor does she seem to hang out much with the Moscow chapter of PFI from what I can see online.

We in the United States have seen news stories about Pagan Witches working against President Trump. Consider, however, that Russia and the United States are both large and diverse countries. There might be Russian magickal practitioners working against President Putin, for all I know. And I would not bet against the possibility that some American Witches, etc., are working on behalf of President Trump. But as I said, “The Gods Do Not Vote, So Why Are You Asking Them?”

5 thoughts on “Russian Witches Work Magically for Putin

  1. Kalinysta

    Looks like it’s all about publicity and what the old Soviet Union would call the “cult of personality”. Sigh.

    1. I cannot help wondering if there is not a element of theatricality and publicity-seeking here, yes. I doubt that Orthodox clergy would be happy to see her getting the publicity, yet some in government might happy accept the endorsement?

      1. Kalinysta

        You know, now that I think of it, it may well be that Putin put these “witches” up to it as well.

  2. Pitch313

    For me, this sort of political magic gets more and more baffling. Its the sort of thing that court oriented mages, wizards,sorcerors, and men of magic did–and probably still do.Support and flatter or undermine and disparage holders of high office. Witches are doing it–but it (in my eyes) does not resemble witchcraft as I have practiced it.

    Still, there’s that notable circle or series of circles to defend the UK from Nazi mages during WWII…

    1. “alleged” circle . . . to defend the UK. That’s another one-source story, thanks to GBG. Now Dion Fortune’s group _was_ doing rituals against the Axis powers — you can find the scripts in print if you look.

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