Pentagram Pizza with Milky Devotion and Unlikely Polytheism

Is this a case of misplaced devotional offerings? The Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Association says yes.

• The Live Science news site is not the place where you expect tor read about Norse (or any other) polytheism, but this article strikes a reasonable note.

Icelandic elves again, this time on the BBC. I never get tired of reading this stuff though.

2 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza with Milky Devotion and Unlikely Polytheism

  1. The article on Norse polytheism was a little strange to me – it’s like these people had never heard of ancient Greece or Rome or Egypt, all very complex societies with no “big” gods. It also seemed like the whole thing was based on a pretty offensive starting assumption that monotheistic religion is somehow necessary for a society to evolve. Though I am not surprised that people enculturated to equate religion with Christianity struggle with understanding a religion where the gods aren’t primarily morality enforcers.

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