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Invoking the Birds and Hunting in the Woods at Yule

We Pagans may think that we “own” Hallowe’en, but we are own some ground at Christmas time — or Yuletide, if you prefer. Today M. and I drove 15 miles over twisty mountain gravel roads to a little town that celebrates a Yule log hunt. This tradition dates to 1952, so it is about as […]

Caffeine and the Sun God

As a freezing fog swirls through the pines, I lift my coffee mug and think of the sun — and coffee! Thursday was a much warmer day: M. and I went to Pueblo for supplies, and after a stop at Hercules Liquor for beer and wine, had a late breakfast at Solar Roast Coffee, whose […]

Russian Seasonal Dream Rituals

I missed Orthodox Christmas by  a day, but here is an article on Russian Pagan dream practice.  Here I’ll try to give the “taste” of the authentic Russian tradition of dream work that has very deep roots in pre-Christian culture.  Mainly the Russian tradition tells about highly practical dream incubation and tuning.  The tuning rituals […]

Celebrate Winter (2)

You thought that you had a drum circle. Read more about it.

The Year the Calendars Ended

Was 1 January 2013 was some kind of unrecognized cultural watershed, like “The Year Frenchmen Stopped Wearing Berets” or something? I took my 2012 Reed College alumni association calendar off the wall and realized that I had nothing to replace it with — not one free calendar. Not another from Reed, nor Trout Unlimited, the […]

Celebrate Winter

The Khan of the Winter

This man is costumed as the King (or Khan or Bull) of the Winter, as envisioned in the Sakha Republic of northeastern Siberia. Here is the translation of the page about him in the Turkish Wikipedia, with a link to the photograph. The Turkic people of Sakha were originally followers of shamanic traditions before being […]

The Maskers and the Money

Krampus parades, both from Austrian ski resort towns. To what extent they are underwritten by local tourism authorities I do not know. (Thanks to folk musician and writer Andy Letcher.) When I was 16-17 years old, I lived part of each year in Mandeville, Jamaica, up in the hills, during breaks from school in the […]

Oh, Let’s Just Talk about the Weather

I think my brain has slowed down this week. At one point the temperature dipped to -20° F. (about -30° C), and I was completely preoccupied with trying to keep heat and water in both my house and the guest cabin. There was one bad moment about ten o’clock at night a week ago when, […]

Deep Snow, Deep Winter

I spent the last three days camping with friends up on the Arapaho National Forest. I have done a little deep-winter camping before, but never before on skis with a sled. I learned that my sleeping bag is not really warm enough for -18 F. (-27 C.) nights. Must remedy that. Even after that short […]