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Happy Independence Day & Blessed Be

The Stars and Stripes, a Colorado craft beer, and a Ripley’s witchcraft museum goblet. This is actually the summer solstice celebration, I reckon, delayed two weeks. I’m kicking back after driving one of my department’s fire trucks in Nearby Town’s 4th 0f July parade. Here is a picture of one of the units pre-parade. Kids […]

How They Celebrate the Summer Solstice

From 2012, a BBC piece on how Latvians celebrate the summer solstice: It is not a complicated festival. All you have to do is head out to the countryside, get a fire going, stay up all night waiting for the sun to come up and drink lots and lots of beer – which, I can […]

Solstice at Britain’s Newest Long Barrow

How will the archaeologists of the future explain how barrow (also known as as tumulus) building stopped in the Neolithic — and then resumed, 5,500 years later? We know this one was built on a solar alignment, because the BBC tells us so. See the barrow under construction here. And yes, dead people.

Saturnalia with the Romans

We are in the midst of Saturnalia, so consider this article by Classics scholar Mary Beard on “Five Things the Romans Did at Christmas.” The headline was just to grab you, because she begins, “OK, the Romans didn’t actually have Christmas. And even Christian Romans didn’t celebrate Jesus’ birthday on 25 December until at least […]

A Song for the Winter Solstice

Thea Gilmore, “Sol Invictus,” with photos taken in and around the Horseshoe Lake nature reserve, Yateley, Hampshire UK.

Why the Solstice Sunrise is not the Latest

The winter solstice is the shortest day, so why is the sunset is already happening later then than it is occurring now? And why does the sunrise keep on getting later after December 21st? Blame the fact that the day is not a perfect 24 hours long.

Solstice Is Coming, But Summer is Here Now

An exchange on The Wild Hunt as to when the “summer festival season” properly began led a commenter to post this link in response to the statement that summer begins on June 21. I hear idiot television newspeople (but I repeat myself) saying that all the time at this point in the year. From The […]