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It Sounds All Wrong When You Guys Say It

Best comment on this video: “I think that they’re trying to trick earth women into returning to their planet with them.” I’m all for “worshiping the divinity expressed in feminine energies,” but why does this video creep so many viewers out? It reminds me of that tribe in Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of […]

An Important Magical Principle

It’s an old saying in advertising that “sex sells.” This Cornell University professor may have demonstrated in the ESP lab something that magicians have known for a while. The scourge of responsible psychological research stands behind me, wearing a red cardigan and an expression of great interest. “How were your results?” Bem asks. He points […]

Another Case of ‘Sacred Prostitution’?

In Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Goddess Temple is offering erotic massage, etc., in return for “offerings.” Women at the temple take names like Magdalena, Shakti, and Devima. There’s also a high priestess named Gypsy, and a tall, lithe blonde named Leila, who advertises her measurements (36-26-37) on her page at the temple website, which includes […]

What a Difference the Suffix ‘-ess’ Makes

Following a link from another religion blog, I dropped into today on Beauty Tips for Ministers (subtitled “Because you’re in the public eye, and God knows you need to look good.”) I read this: SO many of you have written to let me know that TLC will be airing an episode of “What Not To […]

Sex and Witchcraft

The popular image of the sexually alluring witch goes back to Circe at least, was notable in the early modern period in the work of artists such as Hans Baldung, and got a big boost from Jules Michelet. It keeps popping up today. Sometimes it is lightly disguised, as in the Craigslist posting blogged about […]

Aphrodite and Revolution

You don’t think of her as a political deity, but a (London) Times writer suggests that Aphrodite Pandemos contributes to the success or failure of popular revolutions. This theory, which I first heard from a friend in Armenia, holds that popular upheavals only stand a chance of success if a country’s most beautiful young women […]

You, of course, are my readers . . .

You educated women and the rest of us who love you, that is. “The Romantic Life of Brainiacs” says that you are not missing out the way that popular media say that “smart girls” do. The Cliche: Pity the overschooled old maid and the lonely career woman. Highly educated or high-achieving women are less likely […]

You Sexy Witch – 2

No, it’s not a porn site but a light-hearted collection of pop-culture witch images. Here is some World War II bomber “nose art,” for instance. Some of the images, such as those of Fiona Horne, are not work-safe, however. I want to see the Halloween party hats mentioned in the upcoming book on Pagan material […]

You sexy witch – 1

The GetReligion bloggers wrestle with the alleged trend towards sexy witch costumes. (“Bring ’em on,” in the words of our Beloved Leader.) Is that Morgan Fairchild in the illustration? Or just a generic blonde?