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Around the Pagan Blogosphere, 25 August 2013

Some bookmarked links are piling up, so let’s clear them away. ¶ Lee Morgan: What happens when a writing project turns mysteriously magical: It wasn’t long before the story, its characters and underlying mythic themes came to life in very tangible ways for me. Not only did I start to dream about the characters who […]

Celebrating a Slavic Solstice

The website EnglishRussia displays photos of a group of Russians celebrating Kupalo, the summer solstice.

Critiquing “Double Belief” in Russian Paganism

Consider this a follow-up to yesterday’s post on Russian dream rituals, which linked to an article whose author totally accepted the idea of spiritual practices with  “very deep roots in pre-Christian culture.” I had not realized this, but Routledge published a book critiquing the idea of “double belief”  (dvoeverie) three years ago: Stella Rock’s Popular […]

Russian Seasonal Dream Rituals

I missed Orthodox Christmas by  a day, but here is an article on Russian Pagan dream practice.  Here I’ll try to give the “taste” of the authentic Russian tradition of dream work that has very deep roots in pre-Christian culture.  Mainly the Russian tradition tells about highly practical dream incubation and tuning.  The tuning rituals […]

More on “Europe’s Oldest Paganism”

Following up on last July’s post about Mari Paganism, here via Forging the Sampo is another contemporary journalistic article with links. Two of the grandmothers are less concerned, lying down in the grass in their shawls as their grandsons collect wood for the fire. “In [Orthodox] Church, you have to stand for hours. I can’t […]

The Khan of the Winter

This man is costumed as the King (or Khan or Bull) of the Winter, as envisioned in the Sakha Republic of northeastern Siberia. Here is the translation of the page about him in the Turkish Wikipedia, with a link to the photograph. The Turkic people of Sakha were originally followers of shamanic traditions before being […]

Europe’s Oldest Paganism

At Forging the Sampo, a link to a short documentary video on the revived Pagan religion of the Mari people of the former Soviet Union. (Wikipedia entry on Mari-El.) Massive sacrificial feasts, accordions, sacred oaks and groves, priests in tall woolen hats, even a sort of Bigfoot reference — what’s not to like? I have […]

Siberian Shamans and their Music

A short documentary on contemporary Siberian shamanism from the Russian television channel RT. The interesting part is a young shaman and his friend composing a sort of “house” music (or so the narrator describes it) to try to bridge contemporary sounds with the shamanic tradition, which was almost destroyed by seventy years of atheistic Communism. […]

No, Not in Your Apartment

Russian guy seems a little confused over this whole Day of the Dead concept. You don’t dress up real skeletons.

No, It Wasn’t the Provocative Women

It was Icelandic Pagans who caused the volcano to erupt, say Russian Orthodox clerics, countering the Shiite Islamic cleric who blamed women for inciting the lust of hapless men and thus, somehow, earthquakes. They noted that Iceland “has recently become a center of European neo-paganism of Aryan occult kind, which has Nazi character” as Iceland […]