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My Relationship to Odysseus? It’s Complicated.

Later this month, a new translation of the Odyssey, the first into English by a female scholar, will be published. (Click the cover image for a link.) This New York Times article about Emily Wilson and her approach to the poem tells how she “places her flag” with her translation of one word at the […]

The Slut, the Priestess, and/or the Poet

A recent article in The New Yorker, “How Gay was Sappho?” re-examines two questions about the famous poet of antiquity: 1. Was her poetry really “personal,” as opposed to something like the Iliad, which clearly was created for public performance? 2. Although she lived on the island of Lesbos, was she really a small-l lesbian? […]

New Poems by Sappho

The possibility of deciphering the carbonized papyrus scrolls from the Villa of the Papyri is exciting. One friend hopes that some day an Etruscan/Greek or Etruscan/Latin dictionary will be discovered. (The Etruscan language used Greek letters, but we cannot completely read it, beyond some kings’ names, etc.) Me, I hope for a complete edition of […]

New Poems by Sappho Discovered

One of my fondest fantasies is that some archaeologist working in Greece or Italy will find a jar of scrolls that when read turn out to be the complete works of the poet Sappho — and just to continue the fantasy, packed in with them are the commentaries of the some erudite literary critic of […]