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The Pagan Census Keeps Counting

Helen Berger, co-author of Voices from the Pagan Census (2003) is currently working on a new version of the survey. A multi-year survey like hers offers more information than a one-time “snapshot.” Working with another quantitative scholar of Paganism, Jim Lewis, she has put together a new survey with new questions: the “Pagan Census Revisited […]

There, That’s Done, Almost. Also John Cowper Powys

Where did the week go? It seems like setting up the AAR sessions — two solo for Contemporary Pagan Studies, two co-sponsored, and one “quad” (four sponsors) — that plus a little snow, some fire department maintenance work, and some chainsaw issues that don’t belong here totally exhausted all my psychic energy. Just need to […]

‘Weird Tales,’ Hex Signs, and Folklore

¶ Joe Laycock examined the mythologies behind True Detective. (I have not seen it, being much the same situation as Jason Pitzl-Waters.) Religion scholar Philip Jenkins has suggested these two sources—contemporary Satanic Panic and the “weird tales” of pulp horror—are connected. He suggests that it was the weird tales authors of the 1920s, notably Lovecraft and […]

Phallephoria 2014 — Honoring Dionysus in Athens

Two things. 1. “Phallephoria, the carrying of a phallus in procession in honor of Dionysus. For the first time after almost two thousand years, Phallephoria was celebrated in Athens.” And that is tremendous. There is also a longer, 30-minute YouTube video Although the weather looks rainy in the video, was it always so, archaeologists wonder. […]

Cross-Cultural Collection on Popular Religion Includes Paganism

The edited collection Religion, Tradition and the Popular examines “experiences of spirituality in combination with commercialization and expressive performative practices as well as everyday politics of identity. Based on innovative theoretical reflections, the essays take into consideration what the transcultural negotiation of religion, tradition and the popular signifies in different places and social contexts.” Two […]

Quick Review: The Wizard and the Witch

One of my earliest entries on this blog, clear back in 2003, was a complaint about the lack of biographical and autobiographical writing in American Wicca — and I would extend that to all types of new Paganism generally. That entry did mention Margot Adler’s Heretic’s Heart (1997), but I did not care for Whispers […]

Pentagram Pizza from Rome’s Enemy

¶ The word went around last week of the passing of Jonas Trinkunas (1939–2014), founder of the revived Lithuanian Pagan group Romuva. This Lithuanian website has video of his funeral ceremony, everyone in archaic ritual gear, lots of singing and drumming. (Video may be slow to load.) ¶ “Perhaps the future Carthaginians were like the Pilgrim […]

Contemporary Pagan Studies Group’s Call for Papers

The process to submit papers for the Contemporary Pagan Studies Group’s sessions at next November’s American Academy of Religion meeting is now open. The submission deadline is March 3, 2014. More information and links can be found here. Call for Papers We invite individual papers, papers, sessions, and roundtable proposals related to all aspects of […]

New Issue of ‘Pomegranate’ Journal Published

Some people are perplexed as to why this issue carries a 2012 date, although the articles are copyright 2014. We got behind schedule a couple of years ago and have been slowly catching up. The 2013 volume will be a double issue published during the first half of 2014, d.v., followed by the first 2014 […]

1971: Witches in Bellbottoms, Talking Heads

Here is a 1971 documentary from the BBC that is supposed to be about witches. But at the time it was made, no one was making much effort to sort out the new Pagan Witches, anthropological and folkloric witches, and Satanic witches of the Church of Satan variety. So what you get is all of […]